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A listing of some select links for files, info, and reference.....

Security Related:

bullet Internet Storm Center
bullet Symantec Security Response Site
bullet Microsoft Security Scanner -
bullet Ranked List of Security and Network Tools
bullet Password information (UNIX, MS, Linux)
bullet (hijackthis, cwshredder)
bullet HijackThis
bullet CWShredder
bullet NAI Stinger
bullet Pest Patrol
bullet Webroot SpySweeper

Cisco Related:

bullet The Configuration Register of Cisco equipment
bullet Troubleshooting PPP CHAP or PAP Authentication
bullet Pinout for Console Cable - DB9 to RJ45
bullet Loading IOS Software using TFTP or RCP
bullet Performing Basic System Management (Time Ranges for ACLs, NTP, System Clock)
bullet Cisco MIBs
bullet Cisco Access Dial Cookbook
bullet Modem to Router (AUX port)
bullet How many CCIEs are there and their country breakdown?
bullet Cisco's password scheme
bullet Crack Cisco level 7 passwords
bullet Cisco PIX PW Recovery
bullet - (discussion forums, etc.)
bullet Cisco Visio Stencils scale devices -  9M but definitely worth it 
bullet Cisco Visio Stencils block devices
bullet ICMP Type Fields
bullet MD5 encryption RFC1321 from 1992
bullet MD5 Java Decoder (could be)
bullet Cisco Passwords Recovery (physical access)

Packeteer Related:

bullet Packeteer Visio Stencil
bullet More Packeteer Visio Shapes
bullet PacketShaper Report Portal v1g - by Sean Applegate, Packeteer SE
bullet - Sean's project
bullet PacketShaper Easy Report Builder v1.2
bullet PacketShaper 4 Step Introduction
bullet PacketShaper Response Time Technology
bullet PacketShaper Shaping Application Behavior
bullet PacketShaper TCP Rate Control and Alternatives
bullet PacketShaper UDP Traffic Management

Unix Related:

bullet - WOW!
bullet - listed even though they are Microsoft but just don't know it yet!

Microsoft Related:

bullet Page for MS-DOS 6.2 and 6.22 files
bullet Microsoft Security Scanner -
bullet Microsoft Windows Server Tools
bullet Works to Word Conversion

Software Related:

bullet RARsoft's WinRAR
bullet Filezilla's Excellent FTP Programs
bullet A lifesaver!
bullet NTFS Mounting Boot Floppy Image w/ CD-ROM
bullet Atomic Clock Sync
bullet NTFSDOS (from sysinternals)
bullet Executive Software's Diskeeper Lite Freeware
bullet Boot Disk Cornucopia
bullet Linux Boot Disk Password Cracker
bullet Floppy Disk Image Creator
bullet What's Up Gold
bullet VNC
bullet Kiwi Software
bullet PDF995 - Awesome PDF writer! ! (If you don't pay for this you are a cheapskate)
bullet Nero Burning ROM - CD Writer SW better than Adaptec's Roxio
bullet Sprint PCS's PCS Vision - Cellular Data Service - Bar None!
bullet Make a Dir with Date

Network Analysis:

bullet SNORT
bullet Distributed Intrusion Detection System
bullet Foundstone's FPort Open Port Monitor
bullet Ranked List of Security and Network Tools
bullet ICMP Type Fields
bullet Network Protocols
bullet TamoSoft's CommView - Better than that Sniffer Basic
bullet WinPcap - Windows Packet Capture DLL
bullet Wireshark
bullet Superscan v3.0 (Small but nice TCP port scanner)
bullet IP-Tools v2.20 (made by a Russian)
bullet ICMP Type Fields
bullet Solar Winds Free Tools (TFTP, etc.)

Linksys Related:

bullet WallWatcher - Linksys router log GUI

Generally Related to Something:

bullet A number of share/freeware nuggets
bullet Internet Speed Test
bullet ISO Bootable Memory Test
bullet RFC Database
bullet Phonetic Letters
bullet Pringle Can Antenna for Wireless Networking
bullet American Registry of Internet Numbers
bullet Document the Undocumented
bullet Payphone Signals
bullet Information Technology Professional's Resource Center - an excellent resource for security
bullet Ten Codes, Qcodes
bullet Air Distance Calculator - (very cool)
bullet Ethernet Overhead Summary
bullet Ethernet Theoretical Throughput from 1988



The extensions of .EXE files have been changed to protect the innocent.  There is an underscore (_) on the extension that should be cleared after download to run the executable.

This page is intended to be a resource for both Kappa Networks, Inc. personnel and the internet at large.  A lot of information contained here is culled from the internet and credited where applicable or straight from an OEM.  The format and anything not specifically credited otherwise is copyright Kappa Networks, Inc.  No information origin is intended to be misrepresented and any errors will be promptly corrected.