Joe Walton 
  for Powhatan County Board of Supervisors


This Is Joe Walton

Why did Joe seek elected office?

  • Because I am a professional who works hard, has a home on a couple of acres and believes District One and Powhatan County need a representative who offers that perspective
  • Having a diverse Board of Supervisors that represents all types of Powhatan constituents is the best way to ensure progress and secure Powhatan's future
  • Powhatan needs people willing to work together in an open and fair manner to affect the progress needed to secure Powhatan County's future as a

highly regarded Central Virginia community.

  • I will be an effective leader by making every

vote count towards the betterment of our county.

How have I prepared to effectively work for Powhatan?

  • Becoming involved in local organizations that contribute positively

to the county and the community

  • Attending programs and researching to absorb information that makes

me better prepared to make informed decisions

  • Participating in public meetings to be familiar with the process and issues - past and present
  • Listening to everyone

My Background

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