Joe Walton for Powhatan County Board of Supervisors


Important Issues


  • Ensure Fiscal Responsibility
    • I will seek tax relief for those among us least able to pay
    • I will strive for low and fair taxes for us all
    • I will support spending our tax dollars wisely for the best short-term and long-term benefit to the County
  • Pursue Quality Commercial Development
    • Support the continued success and growth of our existing businesses
    • Pursue quality commercial development through aggressive governmental support (incentives, fast-track process, marketing, political will)
    • Support and encourage tourism and the proposed State Park
    • Capitalize on our border with Chesterfield, Route 711/288 Interchange, Route 522/60 Interchange
    • Prevent our main thoroughfares from becoming sprawling commercial corridors
  • Update the Comprehensive Plan
    • Preserve an Open-Space Focused Community
      • Plan to preserve our county's beautiful landscape
      • Implement a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program to enable
    • landowners to benefit from preserving their land

      • Support the Chesapeake Bay Act and land conservancy efforts
    • Effectively Plan for Balanced Residential and Commercial Growth
      • Residential development with a community-focused emphasis
      • Graceful community expansion to eliminate leapfrog, haphazard development
      • Quality commercial development in traditional communities (Flat Rock, Plain View, Courthouse, Jefferson, Provost, Ballsville, Belona, etc.)
    • Effectively Plan for Future Transportation and Infrastructure Needs
      • Develop a reasonable, predictable Traffic Thoroughfare Plan for the County
      • Incorporate and utilize Transportation Impact Analysis reports with rezonings
      • Incorporate and utilize Impact Fees for pre-existing rezonings
      • Create Level of Service metrics for future development
      • Negotiate for Public Infrastructure from new development (school, fire,

      rescue, water, waste, and communication facilities)

      • Seek Best Practices for transportation oriented residential

      and commercial development (State Transportation Regulations, Community

      Development Authority)

      • Consider traditional/alternate means of transportation (bike lane

      specifications for VDOT funding)

      • Create an Intelligent communications infrastructure plan
      • Preserve future turn lanes and travel lanes for major thoroughfares
      • Preserve the US 60 median for long-term transportation options

  • Update Zoning Ordinances to Support and Enforce the Comprehensive Plan
    • Clear and Enforceable Architectural Standards
    • Consider changes when needed to keep the Ordinances effective and updated
    • Create Re-Use Ordinances for large commercial development
    • Negotiate the highest quality during CUP and Rezonings

  • Plan for Long Range Water and Sewer Needs
    • Establish a Water/Sewer Service District
    • Cooperate with our regional partners for long-term, future water needs

  • Plan with Surrounding Localities, State and Federal for Powhatan's Future Security
    • Press our state legislators for General Assembly land-use planning reform
    • Stay tuned to regional planning issues
    • Ensure our Comp Plan and Ordinances take advantage of Regional, State and
  • Federal funding opportunities (planning support, transportation, historical, cultural)

  • Support a Strong Public Education System
    • Collaborate with the School Board to ensure our public education system stays strong
    • Increase commercial tax revenue to make our public education system stronger

  • Support Groups that Encourage Citizen Participation, Enjoyment and Enlightenment
    • Provide support to civic organizations through participation and promotion
    • Consider budgetary support for non-recurring civic organization needs
    • Insist on accountability from civic organizations who receive budgetary support
  • Specific Items for the Future
    • Pursue more extensive use of radar/speed boards for speed limit enforcement
    • Pursue access to public proceedings via electronic means (cable TV access, internet, radio)
    • Promote recycling and promote electronics recycling at solid waste Convenience Center(s)


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