About Consulting

About Kappa Networks, Inc. (‘ka-pa ‘net-works, in-‘cor-po-“rated)

Kappa Networks, Inc. was started in 1999.  Kappa Networks positioned itself as a technology consulting firm that specialized in the design, installation, configuration and particularly the troubleshooting of solid, scalable, and secure Local and Wide Area Networks.

Over the years we have realized a higher calling in the industry, that of trusted technology and business guidance and policy & security consulting for organizations of all size.  While still maintaining our roots in effective engineering and administration, we focus on the most critical need in the technology world – responsible consulting.

Our guidance and policy consulting ranges from organizational IT needs to comprehensive, complex security program and vendor management.  Technology can be messy, confusing and obfuscated.  We provide excellence in technology and business consulting and cut through the BS on which others rely.

For the past nineteen years, Kappa Networks has continued to stay true to itself by judiciously limiting the scope of the firm to our core competencies.  We don’t engage in areas of technology where we don’t excel.

Kappa Networks is focused on creating long-term relationships by providing realistic, intelligent technology consulting to businesses of all sizes and in any capacity.  The hallmark of realistic and intelligent consulting is thoughtful expertise.  By blending the latest technology with fundamental common sense, Kappa Networks creates long-term client relationships in which clients are both confident and comfortable.

Too many technology organizations rely on the ‘rising tide raises all boats’ theory of technology consulting.  These less than competent tech companies focused on short-term sales and not long-term relationships.