The material below is a general perspective as modified from the specific exposition-of-self I presented as a candidate for local elected office (memorialized HERE).  I spent a lot of time thinking about what I thought of excellence and generally soul-searching in 2006 and 2007 to narrow and refine my pursuits and so it seems useful to carry this forward.

The further I have gone in academic and professional pursuits, the more I see that I was of the right mindset in 2006 and just not on the right track…yet.  Cue the doctoral studies in public policy…

Guiding Principles

  • I want quality, balanced growth and development for organizations with which I am associated
  • I will seek the experience of others to help innovate and corroborate theories and activities
  • I believe in learning and discovering by questioning all points of view, determining a course of action, and taking it
  • I acknowledge I do not have all the answers, but I will take the initiative to become as informed as possible
  • I will respect professional expertise, expect excellence, and demand accountability


  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Quality Growth
  • Objective Perspective
  • Cooperative Results

These four components are the keys to Effective Leadership of and within the organizations with which I am associated.

My Mission

To make organization with which I am associated the best that they can be through thoughtful cooperation and personal dedication.

  • To keep organizations with which I am associated on track with respect to their mission and goals into the future
  • To find innovative ways to meet the needs of the stakeholders and constituents of the organizations with which I am associated
  • To support groups and peripheral organizations that encourage equal participation and access for the everyone’s enjoyment and enlightenment

My Conduct

  • Be optimistic
  • Be accessible
  • Be accountable
  • Be a responsible peer and colleague
  • Do my utmost to make organizations with which I am associated a great place to volunteer, work, visit, and patronize

How will I accomplish these goals?

  • Being accessible to everyone and meeting and communicating regularly with peers and colleagues
  • Cooperating to get results
  • Fostering optimism and openness to affirm confidence in the organizations with which I am associated
  • Expressing myself and my beliefs in a consistent and reasonable manner
  • Remembering that I am working with intelligent, diverse and concerned peers and colleagues that expect to be dealt with fairly and openly